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Six Famous Home Builders and Architects

78Architects are often considered artists even though much of the work involved is mathematical. Starting as an idea and evolving into a reveled structure still admired today, some creations are regarded as masterpieces designed by magnificent artist. There have been many famous architects and home builders honored for their artistic abilities throughout history. These are six of the most famous:

1. Michelangelo
Best known for his sculpture work and painting, Michelangelo was also recognized as one of the best designers. His work is still reveled today. He was even one of the first to defy tradition and try a different style. In 1523, the Pope asked Michelangelo to design a library above a convent. Breaking out of the classical style, he constructed the Laurentian Library.

2. Mimar Sinan
While Michelangelo was in Italy, Mimar Sinan was in the Ottoman Empire designing more than 300 structures. He is often recognized as the most influential Turkish architect in history. Mimar Sinan perfected the domed mosque form. He became chief of the Imperial Architects in 1538.

3. Louis Henri Sullivan
Known as the “Father of the Skyscraper,” Sullivan was one of the first architects to design skyscrapers. He began implementing steel to allow for taller structures. He also began incorporating natural elements and geometric figures. After the Great Fire of 1871 in Chicago, Sullivan was able to reconstruct buildings with his innovative style.

4. Antoni Gaudi
Gaudi is the most famous designer from Spain following his renowned takeover of the city of Barcelona. Throughout the city, Gaudi’s style is seen, a bizarre mixture of neo-Gothic, surrealistic, and avant-garde.

5. Ieoh Ming Pei
This celebrated architect from China studied in the United States and joined modern and traditional methods of design – what he calls the “impossible dream.” He is also known for his work in Brutalism and using bold forms. The notorious glass pyramids in front of the Louvre Museum in Paris are his most recognized works.

6. Frank Lloyd Wright
Wright is probably the most acclaimed of all home builders and designers. Sullivan was his early mentor and similar to his teacher, Wright developed his own unique style. Wright was most in tune with the Prairie School of architecture, and so he created many homes and buildings with this approach. His most well known work is the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, which is viewed by thousands of residents and tourists weekly.

From all over the world, innovative home builders, architects, and designers have been creating and constructing different types of buildings that we still see today. These are considered works of art because we still admire them today. Students are still learning about these people in their classrooms and trying to emulate them.

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You Can Design a Modular Home With Custom Architectural Style

77One of the biggest myths of modern modular home building technology is that you cannot design a modular modular home with distinctive, custom architectural style.

The myth goes on to claim that modular homes are boxy and designed alike. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. My experience with one rather demanding client and their newly designed custom home, specifically crafted by their architect with modular technology easily debunks this myth.

As a builder of fine housing, both site built and modular built, I see many homes that are built without regard for architectural style. Some of these homes may be modular, yet others are conventionally built houses, often referred to as stick-built houses. Certainly, when critics view stick-built houses that lack architectural appeal, they simply blame the architect. However, when critics view modular homes that lack architectural appeal, they seem to overly generalize the modular housing industry and conclude that somehow, the factory engineering or manufacturing process restricts architectural style.

I typically see architects employ the following features to design beautiful homes of distinction:
• creative and interesting floor plans
• distinctive roof lines
• steep roof pitches
• off-center gables and/or reverse gables
• rafter tails
• exterior elevations with angular bump outs
• boxed windows
• natural stone
• wood siding
• highly detailed trim

To de-bunk the myth, proof must be offered that enough of these features can be designed within modular parameters.

Our clients’ architect first met with my partner and me to learn the general design and engineering parameters employed by the manufacturer. We spent approximately four hours reviewing modular dimensions and design parameters that would not only guide the architectural design but assure the design would be the most cost efficient. Armed with this information, the clients and their architect retreated into design sessions. After about six weeks, we received a call from the client requesting us to re-assemble to review the architect’s preliminary designs.

To our pleasant surprise, the architect’s design was both beautiful and efficient. The main house will contain in excess of 5,000 square feet; there will be an attached pool house, also to be built with modular technology. The architect used the modular configurations to create a very custom floor plan on the interior and exterior. On the interior, marriage walls were cleverly integrated into closet areas, hallways and service areas. Nine foot finished ceiling heights have been specified for the first floor, which will be built in the factory. The master bedroom will have a cathedral ceiling. On the exterior, the architect incorporated off-center roof ridges with rafter tails. The factory will build the roof ridges to the architect’s specifications, and we will simply add the rafter tails on site, as the house is set. To create a truly distinctive architectural style, one that would highly complement the roof lines, the architect specified casement windows for the front of the house, with many transom windows. There are numerous bump outs and bay windows; some will be installed during the factory manufacturing process, while others will be installed by us on site. The architect will be specifying stone and cedar-like exterior materials, all of which we will install on site.

Now to ask, has this myth been busted? Having seen the finished plan, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the architect has crafted an architectural style worthy of the term “custom”. Further proof has been the many compliments we routinely receive from other prospective clients that view these house plans. The architect is looking forward to his next custom design with our modular technology, as are we looking forward to again, supporting his next custom design. So, I guess you can say this myth has been busted: one can design a modular home with distinctive, custom architectural style!

Launch Letter from a Fresh Teacher to Parents

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